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The Harrison Assessments

The Harrison Assessments System can assist in the coaching process by providing participants with insights into their personality characteristics, interpersonal style, emotional intelligence ratings, work values, motivators, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences and interests.  When armed with this information, a clearer path can emerge to the attainment of coaching goals.   

The Harrison Assessments can be utilized for development, team building, employee engagement and retention, safety planning, succession planning, career transitions and more.   Both individual and team profiles can be generated for the Assessments.   

These Assessments are based on over thirty years of research and have high reliability and validity scores (including high predictive validity).   

Whole Life Profile

The Whole Life Profile (WLP), developed by Harrison Assessments, measures an individual's life functioning across the five dimensions of psychological, relationship, financial, career and physical health.  The

data that the assessment provides can help participants to manage their work-life balance more effectively as well as assist them in increasing their level of satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness in both their lives and careers.   

This Profile is especially useful for executive coaching clients who recognize the need to have life in balance in order to function most effectively in their professional capacity.     

Booth 360

The Booth 360 provides validated and reliable 360/multi-user feedback assessments for executives, managers and individual business contributors (such as technical professionals or those preparing for leadership positions).  These assessments target role specific behaviors and allow a participant to compare his/her self-perceptions to the feedback of different groups of stakeholders.   This feedback can then be utilized to  plan highly strategic goals for coaching.   The confidentiality of individual raters is safeguarded, thereby encouraging raters to participate and to provide their most objective feedback.   The Booth Company is in their fourth decade and their offerings are highly respected in the industry.   

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