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Welcome To The Coaching Windows Blog!

Did you know that there’s a School of Psychology that focuses on what makes people thrive and flourish?

Research is showing that human satisfaction and happiness don’t simply occur when psychological distress and interpersonal conflict are absent. They occur when people lead lives that are meaningful to them, based on their character strengths, on positive connections to others, with focus in the "here and now" (to name just a few of the central dimensions that have been discovered).

Coaching based in Positive Psychology harnesses the power of the science of Positive Psychology to help individuals, groups and organizations to achieve their goals. It helps people to design the personal lives they want to lead; it helps small business owners to run a business that "fits" them; it allows leaders and business managers to motivate their teams to achieve optimal outcome. Coaching has never been more powerful!

Please visit my Blog frequently, so that we can explore all that Positive Psychology and Coaching have to offer. Feel free to post questions and I will be happy to answer! I can also be reached by phone, at 512-827-3707, if you would like to chat about your specific needs and goals!

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